Offer To Purchase

Once you find the home you love, you have to consider whether you want to take the risk of losing it by offering less than you are willing to pay. Sometimes it is best - for your heart's sake - to make your highest offer and just be prepared to walk away if it is not accepted or if another buyer offers a higher price. It is tragic to lose the home you love because you bluffed too hard.

Offer to Purchase

1. We have inspected the property at:

Address: Pheasants Nest : $1,200,000 - $1,300,000

2. Following discussions with the seller's agent, we advise that we are interested in buying the property subject to any further independent advice which we may seek.

3. The HIGHEST price we are prepared to pay for the property is:

* Price in Words:
* Price in numbers:

4. We also advise that should someone else offer a price for this property that is HIGHER than the price stated above (in Point 3), we will NOT increase our price. The price stated is the Highest Price we are prepared to pay.

5. In order to demonstrate both the sincerity and the FINALITY of our price, we declare that we do NOT require notification should another buyer offer a price higher than that offered by us. In such event, we understand that the property may be immediately sold to the other buyer. We will NOT pay more than the price already stated, therefore we do not require an opportunity to increase our price.

6. This declaration does not place any legal obligation upon us to purchase the property, even at the price stated above. Until such time as a formal contract has been signed by both the seller and us, there is no legal obligation for us to buy or for the seller to sell. We also understand that the amount of our maximum price will not be revealed to any person other than the agent and the seller.

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